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Moveable Feast Update by Ari Cantwell

Ari has been with us for the last 6 months and things for our social enterprise, Moveable Feast, are looking bright. She dedicates one day a week to coordinate the work of the social enterprise. Here is a little update about Moveable Feast as told by Ari:

After 6 months of working for BHN I have found myself thoroughly enjoying working for this amazing charity. Not least because of the incredible people involved as well as the intentions of solidarity not charity- being something that resonates a lot for me.

Since I have been in position we have had 6 events, each of them have been wonderful and different. They range from serving 70 people at a Bristol church to serving over 500 people on a hot summer's day on Bristol Refugee Festival. Through these events we have brought in almost £6000 income to BHN.

The first 3 months of the position have been slower in getting events in as it took a while for me to build relationships with people, understand the charity and get to grips with the Moveable Feast systems. My aim is to, over the next 6 months, put on at least 4 of our own pop-ups which would be additional to people's enquiries to do catering for their events, bringing us to delivering 2 events a month.

Even though we didn't have too many events in my first 6 months, I organised a lot of the systems in terms of budget tracking, health and safety, etc. I also worked with a graphic designer to get a Moveable Feast logo designed, a banner and leaflets to further promote what we do.

Now that I feel quite settled in the role I feel that this next 6 months will be quite different as I now have a lot of connections with people at BHN (which is half the job!). These were really concreted during Bristol Refugee Festival and Chagford holiday particularly. This, along with our own pop-up events, will really help with upping the income to the aimed £15k. I'm also looking forward to working with members supporting those who are interested in getting their food hygiene certificates.

Ari and the Moveable Feast team at Bristol Refugee Festival.

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