BHN extends solidarity to people seeking asylum and experiencing destitution through accommodation and creative community involvement.

We have six core values that are at the heart of what we are about:


1. Solidarity - working alongside people, not just giving aid.

2. Equality - people are people before labels.

3. Mutual Empowerment - overcoming barriers together.

4. Hospitality - creating intercultural spaces of welcome.

5. Integrity - transparency in decision and action.

6. Creative Resistance - living change imaginatively.


We estimate there are 100 destitute asylum seekers living in Bristol, caught in the loopholes of the system - unable to work and unable to claim benefits. Without an income, these individuals can't find accommodation.


We provide full board accommodation for our members in host households and in our men's house in Bristol. We run a drop-in session and provide a hot meal every Monday at our Welcome Centre (which has been closed since C19 pandemic, but we hope to bring back soon!). Finally, we also offer legal advice, financial support for accommodated members, run ESOL classes, and host events. We also feel it’s important to celebrate when there are joys to be acknowledged and we enjoy some wonderful dinners and parties - often a melting pot of cultures! Look out for upcoming events via our Facebook.

For questions about BHN, what we do and how you can help, please see our FAQs, or our pages on hosting, volunteering, and donating.

BHN was formed in 2009, and became a registered incorporated charity in 2010.

Charity Number 1138498, Company Number 07308750

Watch this video to learn more about our charity - the people who come here, our volunteers and staff - and why we do what we do for Refugees and Asylum seekers, here in Bristol, UK.