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Our skilled and experienced advice team support refused asylum seekers, and others in need of protection, with understanding asylum decisions and systems, accessing services and entitlements, liaising with solicitors and health professionals, and applying for Home Office support.
We are focused on the rights and empowerment of people who have been refused asylum, often due to trauma, fear, destitution, and lack of advice, and we support them to understand their situation, their options, and to act to secure a safer future.

Who we can advise: people who are claiming asylum, need to claim asylum, or who have been refused asylum.

We are not experts in the rights of people who have been granted refugee status, or who are migrants who do not need asylum. However, our Monday drop-in centre is open to non-asylum seeking migrants needing a safe space and a warm welcome, and we may be able to signpost to appropriate services.

How to contact us: people in need of help can come to our drop-in, or you can email us at We're happy to try and answer your questions.

For accessible information about the asylum system, in many languages, go to

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