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Moveable Feast

Are you looking for catering for your private or public event? Moveable Feast cater for various occasion, such as such as conferences, AGMs, team meetings, weddings,  or any special event that you might need catering for.

Moveable feast works with amazing people who have been made destitute by the UK's asylum system. Our chefs are asylum seekers who volunteer with us they come from all around the world so we can cater to specific requirement when possible.

All profit we make goes into providing vital assistance to asylum seekers through the provision of supported accommodations and personalised integration services, as well as equipping individuals with the essential resources they require to contribute meaningfully to our society.

Moveable Feast offers BHN members and refugees to connect with UK citizens, improve skills for integration and employment, and feel less lonely and more as a part of the community. WE make people feel Accepted and Empowered.

“Being involved in Moveable Feast not only helped my personal growth but also allowed me to keep myself occupied, maintain my mental well-being, and find a profound purpose for living. The time spent with Moveable Feast positively contributed to the quality of my life.” (a BHN member)
By feasting on delicious food, you are making a huge difference to destitute asylum seekers who are not allowed to work or claim any benefits.

To find out more get in touch by emailing or clicking on the 'Make an Enquiry' link below 

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