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Moveable Feast

BHN's Catering Company is here to cater for your event, wedding, funeral, birthday party or office celebration. Read on to find out more!

Our Movable Feast Team ready to serve you!

Moveable Feast: Our Offer
We offer a catering service for events including weddings, parties, office celebrations and more

All our profits go directly to support destitute asylum seekers accommodated by BHN with a small regular subsistence income.

So you can feast on delicious food while knowing you are making a huge difference to destitute asylum seekers who are not allowed to work or claim any benefits.

Our chefs are asylum seekers who volunteer with us they come from all around the world so we can cater to specific requirement when possible. Our current Chef Jad is from Lebanon, and would be happy to discuss menus with you.

To find out more get in touch by emailing or clicking on the 'Make an Enquiry' link below 

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