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BHN visits Chagford!

We enjoyed a wonderful week in Chagford in July 2018. We were invited by the village, who generously provided accommodation in 13 host households.

The community organised a series of activities for us to enjoy. We went for a guided walk on Dartmoor, swam in the millpond and the local Lido, we went beekeeping and we also had a chance to play cricket and football. One of our members mentioned he missed riding horses as he used to do that often before coming to the UK. Our Chagford hosts were kind enough to organise a horse riding expedition for us!

We held an amazing Moveable Feast event with an delicious Goat Curry cooked with locally sourced meat. Our BHN resident DJ also had a chance to show his talents at the local Jubilee Hall, taking to the dance floor and bringing everyone to dance! Among other activities, we also had the chance to learn yoga, vegetable farming, we visited the goat farm, went sailing, went shopping, we even went to the beach at Teignmouth!

We can certainly say we ate our own body weight in lovely food prepared by people in Chagford for us and generally had a really special time together. We were so bowled over by the warmth and welcome that we received!

One of our members said:

"I was stressed before I went; I came back refreshed and enjoyed the quieter, fresher environment."

Another said:

"Everyone here is like brothers and we are family."

While we were there we were interviewed on BBC Radio Devon. Claire Ash Wheeler said that it felt like when BHN members arrived, we arrived 'as strangers and it feels like (we) are leaving as family'. This was quite a theme of the week and the family feeling has continued after we returned too. It has been the highlight of the year in many ways.

Thank you Chagford!

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