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Celebrating refugees and asylum seekers

This years refugee festival celebration at Queens Square took place on June 12th.

The early rain gave way to sunshine and BHN’s stall and food tent had lots of visitors all day. Our fabulous food was cooked entirely by volunteers and we could hardly keep up with demand for the excellent okra and mixed vegetable stew. In fact the demand was so high that half way through we had to dash to the shops to get more ingredients. Thank you to all our cooks who were calm and just kept going all day.

Meanwhile on our stall it was great to be able to tell our BHN story to everyone and to attract more volunteers and potential hosts. Taking up just a small corner Queen Square, the festival brings people together from all other the world to celebrate, not what divides us, but what we have in common. Despite everything going on in the world right now , the festival is a joyous example of our common humanity. We should truly celebrate it .

– Oona Goldsworthy, BHN Trustee

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