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Thankyou Alan and Bob

We never get tired to thank our amazing supporters!

Alan and Bob have embarked in sponsored walks respectively to raise funds for BHN. Together they have raised just under £1,500!

Alan and his wife walked a less travelled route of the famous Camino in Spain, with only around 500 pilgrims a year. In total, Alan and his wife walked over 320km raising funds for us, in turn Alan’s generous supporters gave £1,005 to BHN!

Bob set up a walking group to go from St. Andrew’s Park all the way via the cycle path to Bath and back. Within a few weeks, Bob’s friends and family raised £488!

Both fundraising pages are still receiving donations, so head to Alan’s and/or Bob’s page to donate. Thank you both for your generous support and for choosing BHN for your fundraising quests.

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