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Dinner at the BHN House with K

On Mondays, the guys at the BHN house host a community meal. I had a minute to chat with K, while he was running around the kitchen preparing, chopping and dishing the delicious meal we were about to have. This is what he wanted to share with the network:

” BHN has made me happy as for a long time I’ve been in this house. I’m safe here, and it has allowed me to stay on a positive track, not doing bad things or drugs, like other people do when in distress. Though BHN I’ve found a new life. I know what to do with myself, without BHN everything is more complicated and I would find it hard to understand myself or my life if I wasn’t hosted here.

BHN has given me power as well. Now, after 2 years, I’ve been able to find a new solicitor, and hopefully in the future the Home Office will give support. If I wasn’t with BHN maybe no one would’ve taken my case, as you need an address to apply to Legal AID. BHN Has given me everything, a house, some money, food and a chance to have a solicitor for my case.

I would like to thank everyone very much for your support. Specially Susan and James, the hosts of the house.”

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