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Meet our new hosts: James and Susan

My wife and I came to the BHN house in April, and since then we have had a good relationship with the people we met in the house. We are originally from Gambia.

Although it has being quite challenging considering the fact that this is our first time acting as House Hosts, especially among people who are of different nationalities, cultural background, language and of course, different Religion and also different in the ways in which we do things. It is really a challenge, and especially for my wife who found herself in the midst of a different gender (all men), but I thank God she is VERY strong and able to cope with the environment.

We are very happy staying in the house, and especially with the good interaction we have received from Members of BHN, that has really make us feel at home. We thank all BHN staff/members for the opportunity given to us to stay in the house. We appreciate every effort that has being put into the position we are handling. BHN is seen as an umbrella for the services they are doing in helping other people who are in need. It is our prayer that God will reward the good work that BHN is doing.

Once again we thank God for the opportunity given to us to service as Host.

James and Susan

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